David Bowie Mod.

Before Bowie became Ziggy, he was one of the first wave of Mods, in the pictures above he is wearing Italian style suits, button down shirts and thin ties, his hair also smart and neat, the Mods were known for their smart suits and scooters, and their attention to detail. During the 60’s in England they were one of the first youth cultures to differentiate themselves, only preceded by the Teds of the 50’s and rivalled by the rockers, Mods grew quite a reputation for anarchy after the riots in Brighton depicted in the film Quadraphenia. As you can see above Bowie looks a lot different to when he took on his Ziggy persona, his style less flamboyant and loud. Although earlier Mods were a lot more conservative than they re later counterparts, there still weren’t afraid to accessorise, eye liner was quit a common thing among them and longer well kept hair. ¬†As the 60s rolled on the Mods divided into tow types, there was the swinging 60s mods, a more flamboyant style of Mod with paisley shits and bright suits, these were the Mods became the hippies, a style also adopted by Bowie, then there were the hard mods who went the other and rejected their hippyish counter parts and chose to emphasise the neatness of their style and adopted boots as their attire.